Thursday, December 31, 2015

Six Quotes From My 2015

This a collection of sayings I've been thinking of over the past few days as we come to the end of this scary, fantastic, crazy, different, beautiful, year. 

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn
Makes you think a little, huh? Choose wisely in the next year. 

Most of my best memories from 2015 are centered around great conversations. What can I say? I'm a people person.

You do you. - Claudia Devitt
Three words. Well, two words with great deal of meaning behind them. Don't try to be what you're not. Which leads me to my next quote:

Don't keep it hidden.

Probably my life motto. . .definitely my life motto.

Value the opinions of people you respect. Value the opinions of your parents, your close family members, your good friends, and your pastor. 
But don't get caught up in what the world thinks of you, be it pop culture or some random stranger who doesn't like your sense of style. 

As we close this book and turn the first page in a new one, I wish you a blessed and joyful new year.

- Grace 

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  1. You are inspirational. And you give great life advice. Please keep writing these.