Thursday, December 31, 2015

Six Quotes From My 2015

This a collection of sayings I've been thinking of over the past few days as we come to the end of this scary, fantastic, crazy, different, beautiful, year. 

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn
Makes you think a little, huh? Choose wisely in the next year. 

Most of my best memories from 2015 are centered around great conversations. What can I say? I'm a people person.

You do you. - Claudia Devitt
Three words. Well, two words with great deal of meaning behind them. Don't try to be what you're not. Which leads me to my next quote:

Don't keep it hidden.

Probably my life motto. . .definitely my life motto.

Value the opinions of people you respect. Value the opinions of your parents, your close family members, your good friends, and your pastor. 
But don't get caught up in what the world thinks of you, be it pop culture or some random stranger who doesn't like your sense of style. 

As we close this book and turn the first page in a new one, I wish you a blessed and joyful new year.

- Grace 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Youth Week 2015

Phrases that bring up great stories:

For health and strength (for health and strength): If you tell me you didn't start singing this in your head, you're lying. 
BOB Time: Though different for every group, BOB time can be one of the best parts of the day.
French braids: They're harder to do than they look, huh?
Reuben: To some, a sandwich; to others, the craziest cabin in the existence of Camp Okoboji.
Froot Loops: The community cereal box of greatness. 
Morse Code: Bracelets and necklaces with secret words and inside jokes, AKA one of the coolest crafts ever. 
Rubber chickens: What is Youth Week without them? Also, their song was amazing. 
Circle up: *cries all of the tears*
Nametags: I'm at home now without it, and I feel sort of lost. 
Storming the court...the basketball court: HERE WE GO CAMPERS HERE WE GO *clap clap*
Greatest friends I've got: you guys are the best people. 
Melodies that sound like memories:

I have a camp playlist on Spotify (message me somehow if you want it) and these are my additions to it after this past week. Some are specific to my experiences, but most are camp in general. 

See You Again
Counting Stars
By Your Side
Our Song
When The Saints Go Marching In (you had to be in Amethyst)
Shake It Off
Shut Up And Dance
All About That Bass

Official hashtags

For Health and Strength
(Do we really need more? These sum it up pretty great.)
Top questions asked:

How do I French braid? - Sam
Do I use the dreadlock in the braid? - Dalton
Do hair ties hurt girls' hair? - Jordan
What are Newton's Laws? - Yearbook Staff 
Where did the second page of Arms That Hold The Universe Go? - Me (true story bro)
Who actually won Survivor? Who got second? Third? Fourth? We'd all like to know. - Everyone
JUST DO IT - Amythest 
What is chicken roulette?  Followed by: why me? Then: please tell me you got this in slow-mo? - Me
Where are the cupcakes? - The Cabin of Gad 
We have lawn chairs, so can we be counsellors now? - Josie, Sarah, Alyssa, Reagan, and Bailey
Would these Bible verses work as pickup lines? - Once again, Amythest.

My small group was fantastic. We had awesome conversation, and worked as a team. Our skit was a ton of fun, though I think we can hand that to a few people who can do improv.  We didn't win survivor, but we did have a ton of fun. Best small group I've ever been in. 

I also have to write about my favorite camp memory to date:
Soon after I got to camp, I walked into the Mark gazebo, heard "1-2-3-GO!" and was attacked by about 15 people in the best group hug of my entire life. If that alone doesn't explain the people you meet at camp, I'll say it again: you're the greatest friends I've got. ❤️

- Grace

Monday, June 15, 2015

You Might Go To Youth Week If. . .

You might go to Youth Week ...

If you downloaded a countdown app on your phone and currently have it set for 3:30 P.M. on July 19th, 2015.

If the last week of July is marked off on your calendar and has been for 9 1/2 months. 

If...well, breakfast pizza. I need some and so do you.

If you've gone a week almost entirely without your phone, and not missed it once.

If you've ever wanted to be part of the newspaper team just so you could play with the rubber chickens.

If your cabin breaks it's own record every year for "how fast can the floor magically disappear."

If you have to locate a functioning digital camera once a year because "no phones".

If the camp fire pit means a whole lot more than s'mores.

If "B.O.B. Time" means anything to you

If you take camp snacks seriously...maybe too seriously.

If, where two or more are gathered, there will be Knockout or Nine-Square-In-The-Air.

If winning Survivor is the crowning achievement of the week.

If you've met THE Hawkeye Elvis.

If every other picture you post on Instagram is from camp. Oh wait, that's just me...oops...

If you have the camp address memorized. 

If cabin prayers are one of your favorite parts of the day for many different reasons.

If you can relate ANYTHING to a story about camp.

If the word "friends" can make you cry all of the tears.

If our camp friends understand you more than anyone else, you might go to Youth Week.❤️

(And if you read all the way to end of this post, you've probably been to Youth Week.)

- Grace

*Please share, and if you do, please give credit. Thanks.