Sunday, February 16, 2014

"We're Halfway There..."

The flames flicker in the fire pit, and in the silence of the campfire you can hear the waves crashing on the beach below. The guitarists strum simple melodies, and then the Pastor will tell us a story or read from the Bible.  Pointe devotions only happen at one place: Camp Okoboji.

From the basketball courts you can hear the basketballs continuously bouncing on the concrete as the line of knockout players gets progressively shorter.
The CLC is loud with campers, rejoined with their friends after a year.
I can hear the sounds of scribbling in journals from the hill by the softball field; the waves hitting the beach, and the laughs of people who haven't fallen from the floating raft during Ninja.

I miss lunch in the dining hall, and listening to campers who lost their name tags forced to sing the ABCs, or worse: I'm a Little Teapot, with actions. :)
I miss reading the newspaper, and seeing Living on a Prayer lyrics featured nearly every day. 
I miss my Small Group and group building activities, even if we can't tell the difference between the back of the craft building from the back of different cabin while blindfolded. ;)
I miss correctly guessing Africa by Toto during Name that Tune.  I never thought that would come in handy.
I miss Topic. Sometimes I go back and read my thoughts about the Bible studies, and am so happy that I took notes to help me remember.
I miss skit practice in the chapel.
I miss hearing "Don't Drop that Thun Thun Thun"every 5 second, and I'm not even sure I know what it means.

I miss the Survivor challenges, and the horror stories after lights out, and the GADiators sign on the wall in our cabin.  I miss making friendship bracelets in crafts and taking selfies with everyone singing on the walk to the Pointe.  I miss the gazebo...a lot.  
I miss my counselors, and Pastors, and friends.

A few weeks ago we passed the halfway point between camp last year, and camp this year.  It reminded me of my souvenirs from last year.

I have my yearbook, the inside cover crammed with signatures and phone numbers.
I have my journal, pages filled with hand-written entries of the fun things that we did at camp and words of encouragement from fellow campers.
I have my name tag, and my Team Mark red headband, and my pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.

And, right now, I'm at home, but in 22 weeks, I'll have camp. 

"Oh, we're halfway there...
Oh! Livin' on a prayer."


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